Waterfall Wonderland

Waterfall Wonderland

I starred at this falls for about as long as this picture will last! It was mesmerizing. Next time you go out for adventure, try not asking a single question about whats about to happen. Embrace the possibilities, enjoy the ride. Now Take that feeling of wonder and adventure, and compare it to another time where you had it all mapped out. I believe you will be pretty surprised by the results. Our inner childs are dying off at an alarming rate. No one wants any mystery to their adventures or life for that matter. We want to know everything, now; how long its gonna take to get their, when will we be back, is it worth it, is it cool, whats at the end, how much further, can you drop me the pin of this exact location? Stop staring at other peoples pictures and lifes and feeling like you have to have the same exact experiences as them. Create your own path, shit, jump of the path entirely! Let your inner child back into your life, let mystery back into your life, i promise you wont be disappointed. - Jake Berthelot
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