Issue 1 - April 2021

Image: Morning Reflections by Stacy White

Welcome to Back The Wild

Hello and welcome to Back The Wild! I am so excited to have connected with each of you over our shared passions for outdoor photography and the preservation of our natural world. Now, it is my hope that Back The Wild can serve as a vehicle for each of us to use our photography to achieve our conservation-focused goals. If you know of any other photographers who might be interested in joining our cause, please let them know about Back The Wild! Similarly, please let your friends and family know that they can purchase your beautiful images at www.backthewild.com with 100% of proceeds benefiting our wild places.


This contributor newsletter will be sent out periodically to all of the photographers contributing to Back The Wild and will be used to highlight our new contributors and communicate important updates about our organization. Please check out the personal pages and websites of our talented new contributors and maybe even send them a message!


Stacy White


Jennifer Dixon


Dixie Grilley


Darren J Spoonley


Laura Zirino


Matthew Chung


By Grady Lynch

Transition to Nations Photo Lab and WHCC

Thus far, Back The Wild has procured all prints through Costco Photo Center in order to minimize procurement costs and maximize the percentage of funds donated for each purchase. However, it has become clear that in order to achieve our growth goals, it is necessary to transition to a more reputable print shop. Accordingly, Back The Wild will soon be transitioning procurement of all photo paper prints to Nations Photo Lab and all metal and Canvas prints from White House Custom Color. Stacy White, the Back The Wild Featured Photographer for the month of March, helped secure a discounted procurement rate through Nations Photo Lab (thanks Stacy!). We are currently working on establishing a similar arrangement with WHCC. We're excited to work with Nations Photo Lab and WHCC for the foreseeable future and are confident that this transition will help ensure that Back The Wild prints are held to a high quality standard. The upgrade to Nations Photo Lab and WHCC does come with higher procurement costs, which will be reflected in a forthcoming update to Back The Wild product pricing.


Image: The Gray and the Green by Jason Welch


Awaiting 501c3 Status

Back The Wild has filed for and is currently awaiting confirmation of 501c3 nonprofit corporation status. Achieving nonprofit recognition is important for the growth of Back The Wild as we continue to expand our contributor network. 501c3 status is a stamp of credibility that will help identify Back The Wild appropriately as an organization focused on charitable contributions to conservation-focused organizations.


Once awarded, the nonprofit corporation status of Back The Wild will not impact our model of donating 100% of proceeds from each sale to conservation-focused causes. 501c3 status will allow Back The Wild to accept donations to cover other operating costs such as web hosting, which are currently being personally funded by the founder, Grady Lynch. At this time there are no plans to actively solicit donations for this purpose, but as Back The Wild grows it may become necessary to do so.

Image: Joshua Tree Sunset by Brynn Schmidt

Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or complaints, please feel free to contact us at Back The Wild through any of the following channels:











The Back The Wild Story

Back The Wild was created with the purpose of empowering landscape photographers to help protect the beautiful places they capture in their images. Every photograph you see on the website has been contributed by a photographer who will see no profit from its sale. Instead, the proceeds of each print sale will go directly to support protection of public lands and combat climate change.


Nearly every landscape photograph published on instagram is taken on public land (national parks, national forests, wilderness areas, etc), which many people take for granted. Keeping wilderness areas protected and keeping public land in the hands of the people are among the key objectives of Back The Wild. The NRDC, a beneficiary of Back The Wild, is an organization that promotes exactly this.


Landscape photographers are also starting to recognize the need to combat climate change. As inhabitants of this planet it is in our best interest to preserve its beauty and reverse the decades of damage we have already caused. Protect Our Winters, a beneficiary of Back The Wild, is a group focused on mobilizing outdoor athletes and outdoor enthusiasts to rally in support of legislation that combats climate change.

Back The Wild was founded in 2019 by Grady Lynch.

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